We are constantly challenging ourselves to grow by following our vision and values.

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We look at technology as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination which enables our partners to create value so they can achieve continuous and repeatable success.




Passion is our main attribute. The desire to find the best solutions, kindness and meticulousness are just some of the characteristics that adorn us. We love creating top of the line solutions.



We are committed to our employees and loyal to our customers. Feeling togetherness creates collective commitment and that’s one of the most important parts on the road to success.



Constant work on ourselves and improving our knowledge are important! That means we do more – putting the bar higher with every project and being up to date to provide the highest quality solutions.



Our consistent focus on increasing performance and proactive approach lead us in delivering better solutions. We disrupt traditional processes to bring change and future by means of innovation.

LAYER's new office building

Thrilling News! Our building in Osijek's IT Park is soon officially under construction! In partnership with our esteemed allies, architects at Dies, we have designed our stunning new headquarters that will commence construction in 2024.

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